Psi Value Packs

Using our experience in Passive House and all we have learned in 15 years we can now proudly announce the first of what will be many Psi Value Packages

Each guide will host calculations, diagrams of the construction, materials used, the arrangement, psi, chi and fRsi.

These have been created based on the experience of built Passive and NZEB houses with the shared expertise of contractors and designers.

We will constantly expand this library but have the first 9 details as a prototype starting with external insulation.

The Psi values that will be listed can be used for Passive House & Building Regulation applications throughout. It is our aim to take the sting out of thermal bridging for all designers and contractors and so the 9 most common details were calculated to both standards.

If you would like to learn more about thermal bridging please see the thermal bridge section of this website or the course signup page for details on how you can learn to calculate them yourself.

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