Architectural Services - Sketch Design

This is where it all starts. Dreams drive reality and in a 4 hour session 95% of our customers have found what they want, then walked away with images and schematic plans that brought their idea's to life.

Our Sketch Design consists of either an online session or simply sitting round the screens of a laptop and pooling idea's as we draw a concept that bests suits your needs.

Schematic Costs for iterations of live design work can be found online, rendered images both inside and outside can be made and a full set of sketch plans can be issued.

All in the time it takes to commute from Cork to Dublin!!

The cost for the design session and after session tweaks is 500 euro's plus VAT

If design changes are needed afterwards these are charged @ 65 euro's per hour plus VAT @23 %

This service can be provided anywhere in the republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland

For a sample Sketch Design Please Click Here

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